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We use our projects to help us spread our voices out to others. It’s our way to help spread awareness about issues that we can change.

See what we are doing to achieve our goals of a supportive environment and Canada.

Our Work

Multicultural Outreach


To spread awareness of Canada's numerous cultural groups, we are providing a platform to educate the public about Canada's various cultures and promote multiculturalism. Share your story with the youth today. 

Food and Clothing Drive


We are currently working with the Youth Leadership Society of BC to provide groceries to in-need Indigenous youth in Vancouver's Downtown. 

The CARYC Blog


The blog project is a medium through which our ambassadors can share their thoughts, opinions, concerns, and highlight important issues facing us today.


To be shared on website in early 2022.

The CARYC Podcast


The CARYC Podcast discusses topics including, but not limited to, ways for youth to further engage in anti-racism affairs, promotion of anti-racism education, and the impact of historical events on modern day social movements.


To be shared on website in early 2022.



#OurFutureOurImpact is the CARYC slogan. Each action we action we take to combat racism shapes a more inclusive and multicultural society. Hence, it is our future and we must work towards a transformative society of inclusion, multiculturalism, and acceptance. 

Community Talking Circle


Members of CARYC have initiated a video-sharing project with Britannia Community Centre. We are designing, producing, and directing a short film centred around ways we can work towards multiculturalism and raise awareness about microaggressions. A $2000 grant was given to create this video.

Ambassador Projects

Ambassador Led Workshops


A chance for ambassadors to lead and collaborate. Ambassador Led Workshops enable youth to lead their peers across the country in engaging activities, topics, discussions, or by inviting guest speakers. 

Collective/Collaborative Art


Arts and culture have been principle in sharing anti-racist stories and messages throughout history. Whether it be literature, visual arts, plastic arts, or graphic arts, the arts have rich histories greatly affecting modern day anti-racism movements and society.

Cultural Showcase


Each culture has unique traditions, customs, language, cuisine, social habits, arts, beliefs, etc. The Cultural Showcase Project allows youth to share and learn about differing cultures, emphasizing the importance of preserving multiculturalism.

Forgotten Figures


Important historical figures have shaped and molded modern society. As such, this project is focused around honouring historical leaders who have made substantial impacts in the sector of anti-racism.

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