We use our projects to help us spread our voices out to others. It’s our way to help spread awareness about issues that we can change.

See what we are doing to achieve our goals of a supportive environment and Canada.

Reigning Over Racism: Britannia X Canadian Anti-Racism Youth Coalition Video Project

Many members of C.A.Y.C. have initiated a video-sharing project with Britannia Community Centre. Collectively, we are designing, producing, and directing a short film centred around ways we can work towards multiculturalism and raise awareness of common microaggressions. A $2000 grant was given to produce and create this video; it will be released in Summer 2021. 

Food and Clothing Drive - Indigenous Communities

We are currently working with Youth Leadership Society of BC to provide  groceries to in-need Indigenous youth in Vancouver's Downtown. 


We connected with youth across Canada to ask them what being anti-racist meant to them and this is what they said...

Slam Poem Video Project

Youth, politicians, and cultural groups across Canada will collectively produce a slam poem video project to amplify the value of multiculturalism and anti-racism efforts. Short clips of representatives from schools, ridings, and cultural groups holding signs representative of the slam poem’s message will be played. Youth from 50+ schools and post-secondary institutions across Canada are engaged in this project.

Multiculturalism Outreach

To spread awareness of Canada's numerous cultural groups, we are providing a platform to educate the public about Canada's various cultures and promote multiculturalism. Share your story with the youth today. 

Ambassador Program

Become a Canadian Anti-Racism Youth ambassador. Click on the button to find out more.