Our Executive Team

Hailey C.

President and Founder

Hailey C. attends high school and is dually-enrolled at UVIC. She is the President of City Wide Youth Council -- one of the the largest youth councils in Canada, She initiated this organization to stand up against racial injustices in modern society. Hailey hopes to actively challenge racism, discrimination, and oppression, and to listen, learn, and stand with everyone that has lived experiences of injustice. She’s a part of Dunbar Community Centre and hopes that collectively, we can further the belief that everyone is deserving of equal respect and dignity, regardless of race.

Makenzie K.

Director of Marketing

Makenzie K. is a grade 11 student in B.C. Living in such a diverse metropolis, Makenzie was always taught to treat everyone equally. Though she knew racism still existed, she never thought that it could exist within her community... until she first hand witnessed the impacts of systemic racism. This eye-opening experience pushed her to join the Canadian Anti-Racism Youth Coalition in hopes of educating communities of the ongoing, discrimination many Canadians face daily. She believes in a future of inclusivity for all and believes that this organization can help shed light on these important issues while empowering the next generation.


Lucy Z.

Director of Media


Lucy Zhang attends an art high school as a grade 10 student. She has been a part of the youth council at Thunderbird Community Centre for many years. Her perspective has broadened due to her experiences in multiple different communities. To her, living in a diverse community is respecting everyone no matter who they are and where they are from. Through this organization, she strives to work towards a more multicultural Canada.

Noura R.

Director of Logistics

Noura R. is a grade 11 student at a Vancouver high school. Ever since moving to Vancouver, she's found joy in giving back to her community which began her journey of volunteering in multiple events and community centres. She is involved in this project not only for speaking on her own experience of racism and microaggressions but also wanting to put an end to its significant popularity in everyone’s everyday lives. Through being involved in this project, she hopes to educate herself and others on this topic. 

Nancy  T.

Director of Human Resources  

Nancy T. is a grade twelve student in high school. She has been apart of her community centre and Renfrew Park Senior Youth Council for a few years. She is excited to be a part of the Canadian Anti-Racism Youth Coalition. She wants to make a change in her community against racism and she hopes to help create an environment where everyone is respectful to each other.

Newgen B.

Director of Outreach

Newgen (Short for “New Generation”) B. is a chipper high school student in grade 12. Champlain Heights is the community he is a part of. Living in Vancouver, he has seen a vastly diverse population of amazing cultures. Even with all the multiculturalism, stigmas and biases are still an issue, and he would love to benefit our community by empowering our community to take a stand against racism.

Yubin J.

Creative Director


   Yubin J. is a grade 10 student at an art high school. She is currently a part of the Roundhouse Youth Council. Seeing how people are treated due to racism deeply worries her and she is willing to do everything she can to help. Through this organization, she hopes to learn more about how to fight against racism. She truly hopes this organization can help more people feel safe while giving them a platform to have each of their stories heard.

Meet the Leadership Team
(30+ Youth From 6 Provinces in Canada)

Hailey Chen - President & Founder 

Lucy Zhang - Director of Media 

Arianna ZhangBilingual Communications 

Kacie LongBilingual Communications

​Reina Huric - Social Media Manager 

Mackenzie Kew - Director of Marketing

Jiana Baquiran - Marketing Coordinator 

Sarah Lanthier - Marketing Coordinator

Vicky Gao - Marketing Coordinator 

Newgen Bao - Director of Outreach: General

Fiza RafOutreach Coordinator

Jeeahn Kim - Outreach Coordinator

Jennifer Tsai - Outreach Coordinator

Rachel Park - Outreach Coordinator

Sachi Bhawarda - Outreach Coordinator

Wendy Shen - Outreach Coordinator

Rostem Bouaouiche - Director of Outreach: Francophone

Noura Rahnema - Director of Logistics

Madhumita Chandrasekaran - Chief Legal Officer 

Aranan Thayaparan - Operations Coordinator

Brandon Lam - Operations Coordinator 

Nancy Than - Director of Human Resources

Hajer Basil - Volunteer Coordinator

Olivia Tissot - Volunteer Coordinator 

Yubin Jeon - Creative Director

Carrie Ding - Editor 

Dayna Jang - Writer 

Francis Reyes - Music Composer

Ingrid Li - Music Composer 

Masaru Suzuki - Photographer 

Nathan Stewart Jácome - Cinematographer 

Sacha Charity - Music Composer 

Sadie Parkes - Cinematographer