Kneeling Protestors


The Canadian Anti-Racism Youth Coalition was founded to continue conversation of anti-racism efforts. Following the George Floyd incident, social media was flooded with efforts to address systemic racism, protests emerged in Canada, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement was created. However, a few months later, the traction of this movement on social media lessened, yet societal racism was still apparent. C.A.R.Y.C works to continue conversation about anti-racism efforts. It is a youth-founded organization that understands that racism rooted in society. Youth must create conversation and actively advocate for change.

Racism is a prevalent, deep-rooted issue apparent in modern society, yet it's also a topic that is surrounded by stigma. Although at times, it can be difficult to begin conversations, C.A.R.Y. aims to educate the public and spread awareness of racial issues, from a youth perspective. 

Indeed, youth are the future generation, and we must continue to advocate against racial segregation, oppression, and inequity

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