Who is CARYC made of?

CARYC connects dedicated youth across Canada and around the world in our efforts to combat racism.

What projects is CARYC currently working on?

We are constantly working on new projects and workshops to bring awareness to racism, and make the most impact we can. Our past projects include conversations with the BC Police Reform Committee to provide youth input on policing. Also, we reach out to numerous cultural groups and politicians to increase involvement in our communities. Currently, our latest works have been slam poetry, blog, and podcast. See more details on the “Our Work” page, as well as our “Slam Poetry Project” tab.

What is the CARYC Slam Poem Project?

Visit the "Slam Poetry Project" tab under "Our Work" for an extensive breakdown and description of the project.

What does #OurFutureOurImpact mean?

This is the CARYC hashtag. It’s our future and every choice we make will contribute to what occurs down the line. We must take initiative and do our duty to ensure a better tomorrow.

How can I become involved?

Join our team and become an ambassador or apply for a leadership position. Contact us at contact@caryc.ca for more details or visit our “Get Involved” page.

What is the ambassador program?

Ambassadors comprise the majority of our organization. They attend monthly meetings with youth from 100+ schools across the country. They work on anti-racism projects ranging from the blog and podcast to cultural showcases, awareness projects, and workshops. Visit the “Get Involved” page for more details and information on how to become one.

How can I begin a CARYC chapter club at my school?

CARYC chapter clubs are a great way to get involved at your school. Contact us at contact@caryc.ca and address your email to Fiza Rafeeq to get started.

What projects do CARYC chapter clubs take on?

If you’re starting a chapter club at your school, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We offer a comprehensive guide to help you get started. Examples of the projects include: My Cultural Heritage and the cultural Cookbook. By no means are you restricted to the projects we provide. We welcome you to take on, and come up with, what suits your club, school, and community.

What is CARYC International?

Many of our ambassadors and leadership members are from all over the world, not just Canada. Racism is a fight being tackled everywhere. We hope that our initiative and efforts can impact all places that are plagued by racism.

Who do I contact for partnerships?

Contact outreach@caryc.ca and address your email to Newgen Bao.

Who do I contact for media inquiries?

Contact contact@caryc.ca and address your email to Hailey Chen.

What organizations are partnered with CARYC?

CARYC partners, and works with, various politicians and cultural groups, like the Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition, to combat racism.

Frequently Asked Questions