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  • Executive Team
    Executive Director and Founder: Hailey C. Director of HR (Human Resources): Nancy T. Director of Marketing: Makenzie K. Co-Directors of Outreach: Jeeahn K. Wendy S. Directeur de l’aile québécoise: Rostem B. Director of Media: Lucy Z. Director of Logistics: Noah L. Director of Creative: Yubin J. Director of Finance: Brandon L. Chief Director of Clubs: Fiza R.
  • Department of Human Resources
    Volunteer Management Supervisors: Olivia T. Hajer B. HR Administrators: Serena C. Brandon L. Volunteer Management Coordinators: Rebecca M. Chloe D.
  • Department of Marketing
    Marketing Executives: Coordinators: Jiana B. Vicky G. Sarah L. Blog: Editors: Ramya S. Vaishnavi P. Nowshin T. Graphic Designers: Trisha C. Emily W. Content Creator (Tiktok): Ezra D. Merch: Arpan D. Christy W. Gia B.
  • Department of Outreach
    Outreach Coordinators: Sachi B. Rachel P. Jennifer T. Outreach Specialists: Niam L. Rafay M. Dena Z. Vaishnavi P. Rajjvir A. Eiko M.
  • Québec Department
    20+ Quebec Ambassadors
  • Department of Media
    Media Executive Team: Bilingual Communication Managers: Arianna Z. Kacie L. Social Media Managers: Reina H. Noah L. Website Managers: Franny C. Ramya S. Discord: Moderators: Arianna Z. Vicky G. Brandon L. Fiza R. Social Media Team: Noah L. Reina H. Content Creators: Joysyca Z. Trisha C. Emily S. Sarah W. Fact Editors: Amalia E. Bilingual Team: Arianna Z. Kacie L. Translators: Jiana B. Sophia C. Anna B. Website Team: Franny C. Ramya S. Merch-Website Designers: Arpan D. Christy W. Gia B.
  • Department of Logistics
    Logistics Team: Coordinators: Kiran N.
  • Creative Department
    Film Team (Vancouver-Based): Writer: Dayna J. Cinematographers: Sadie P. Nathan S.J. Photographer: Masaru S. Editor: Carrie D. Music Team: Instrumentalists: Francis R. (piano, bass, trumpet, tenor sax) Ingrid L. (alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, voice, percussion, violin) Mischa G. (piano, percussion not kit) Sacha C. (trumpet)
  • Department of Finance
    Finance Team: Financial Officers: Matthew K. Tracy T. Zoey H.
  • Department of Clubs
    Club Executives: Vice President: Rachel P. Secretary: Firaas E.
  • Podcast Team
    Podcast Co-Hosts: Arianna Z. Vicky G. Scriptwriters: Elodie V. Laura E. Audio Editors: Nancy T. Elaine L. Public Relations Coordinators: Fiza R. Jennifer T.
Frequently Asked Questions
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