Frequently Asked Questions

What are you trying to achieve?

Our organization was created by youth and run by youth. Our projects promote multiculturalism in Canada and aim to continue awareness about various anti-racism movements (#IdleNoMore, #BlackLivesMatter, among many more). As an organization, we trying to open discussions about anti-racism and spread awareness about the diverse cultures present in Canada.

What can I do? How can I get involved?

Volunteer, Collaborate, Donate! We are often working on our projects and you can help us directly with our efforts. Check out the "Get Involved" page to learn more.

How do I volunteer?

Be an ambassador, join our projects, and reach out to us. Check out the Get Involved page for more information about volunteer and leadership opportunities.

Can I donate? How do I donate?

Currently, we aren't accepting donations. Our organization's goal is to create tangible change and spread awareness of Canada's multicultural environment to Canadian youth, as well as spreading awareness of anti-racism reform movements even after social media attention has decreased. When funds are needed to produce awareness media and tools, we may apply for grants. However, please join our team and get involved. Check out the Get Involved page for more details.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us directly through our website chat or by email.

What does #OurFutureOurImpact mean?

Understanding that every action, choice, and decision we make shapes our future society, standing up against microaggresions and advocating for a more multicultural Canada will create a more accepting future Canada. Youth are the next generation, and we must actively advocate, continue reform movements, and be aware of our changing society. When you commit and become an active advocate, you'll recieve monthly emails about anti-racism movements, news, and ways to get invovled to create a more accepting Canada. Learn more on the Get Involved page.