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Become a CARYC ambassador and work with us to promote multiculturalism in Canada.



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Become an Ambassador

With your help, we hope to sustain the racial justice movement even after it has ceased being a trending hashtag and to promote multiculturalism. We hope that collectively, we can find ways to initiate conversation. To be considered for an ambassador position, please fill out the below form.
An ambassador’s role is to spread awareness of our mission, goals, and projects, in order to reach more people. They will work with us, on our various projects (check "Our Work" for more details). Ambassadors are leaders that represent CARYC.
Being an ambassador allows you to make meaningful connections and use your voice to impact others positively. They will meet once per month and CARYC ambassadors will gain valuable experience and skills through opportunities offered at CARYC.

Become an Ambassador

Give Thanks To This Incredible Partner

Rachna Singh and the Surrey-Green Timbers BC NDP have been a pivotal part of our organization. Singh has initiated numerous anti-racism initiatives, including recent multiculturalism grants, and continues inspiring work with Resilience BC. 

Note: Donations are associated with the New Democratic Party, not the Canadian Anti-Racism Youth Coalition. 

I Commit To Actively Combat Racism

It's free! It takes 10 seconds... to commit to continuing the anti-racism movement by signing your name below. Receive monthly emails with news, media, and information about anti-racism efforts in Canada and ways to be involved.

It's our future and we must work towards a transformative society of inclusion, multiculturalism, and acceptance. 

Every decision we make shapes society.

Every day, we are faced with choices that shape our future society.

Every action we make to activity combat racism will shape a more inclusive and multicultural society.


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Useful Resources:

Check out our Resources page to find useful links, articles, and more to educate yourself about racial issues and anti-racism efforts.

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