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About Us


We are high school and post-secondary students from various parts of Canada, and even the world. We form a coalition of diverse youth of many ethnicities and races. United by our hope to make a difference in our contemporary and future society, we aim to do our part and achieve the collective goal of promoting multiculturalism in Canada and beyond. Scroll to learn more about our leadership team and the 100+ schools and post-secondary institutions our ambassadors are in!

"The logo of CARYC is an original logo- I designed it with the maple leaf representing how we are a Canadian organization, and there are hands of all sorts of skin tones (the lighter-toned skins may be harder to see) represents unity, respect and allyship between everyone regardless of skin colour."

-Anon. (Original Designer of the Logo)

Logo CARYC.png

"I think that the maple leaf in the logo is important to the organization. Part of our cause is striving to create a more accepting Canada, a Canada that remembers its past with remorse and is proud of its progress. The maple leaf does not simply represent the Canada of the past, but the Canada of the future as well."


"Whilst yes Canada has had a racist, colonial and exploitive past of the minority groups and indigenous peoples of this land; it still stands today and where in the past it has tried to hide its shame, now she looks to heal her divides.


I would make the argument that it’s incredibly important to have the leaf as a part of the logo for the symbolism and message it sends; Canada will remember, Canada will change, Canada will endure. The maple leaf has been stained by our past but it’s up to us to give it a prouder, stronger, and clearer message"

-Noah L.


Aurora Academic Charter School

Antelope Valley High School 

Archbishop Macdonald High School

Brandon University

Britannia Secondary School

Burnaby North Secondary School 

Carihi Secondary School

Carleton University

Cedar Hill Middle School 

Cégep de Momontrency

Cégep Marie-Victorin

Centennial High School (British Columbia)

Centennial Regional High School (Québec)

Clarke Road Secondary School

Collège André Grasset

College de Maisonneuve

Collège Jean de Brébeuf

Collège Jean-Eudes

Collège Letendre

Collège Montmorency 

Crescent Heights High School 

Crofton House School

David Thompson Secondary School

Dawson College

Dover Bay Secondary School

École Secondaire d’Anjou

École Victor Brodeur

Enver Creek Secondary School

Esquimalt High School

Eric Hamber Secondary

Forest Lawn High School

Fort Richmond Collegiate

Fraser Heighs Secondary School

Fredericton High School 

Greenall High School 

HB Beal Secondary School

Hunting Hills High School 

Ideal Mini School

Killarney Secondary School 

King George Secondary School

Kitsilano Secondary School

Lakefield College School

Langley Fundamental Middle Secondary School

Lester B. Pearson High School

Linden Lanes Secondary School

Lively District Secondary School

Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School

Lord Byng Secondary School 

Magee Secondary School

Markville Secondary School 

McNally High School 

Moncton High School 

Moscrop Secondary School

Nelson Mandela High School 

New Westminister Secondary School

North Surrey Secondary School

Oak Bay High School 

Old Scona Academic High School

Panorama Ridge Secondary School

Point Grey Secondary School

Port Moody Secondary School

RE Mountain Secondary School

Richmond Green Secondary School

Richmond Hill High School

Rosemount High School 

Rosenort High School

Ross Sheppard High School

Royal Bay Secondary School


Seycove Secondary School

Simon Fraser University

Sir Winston Churchill High School


South Kamloops Secondary School

St. Francis High School 

St. Francis Xavier Secondary School

St. George Secondary School (Ontario)

St. George's School (British Columbia)

St. Joseph High School (Alberta)

St. Joseph High School (British Columbia)

St. Margaret’s School (Ontario)

St. Margaret’s School (British Columbia)

St. Mary’s Colgan High School

St. Paul's Intermediate School

Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Steveston London Secondary School

Summit West High School

Sydney Academy 

Taipei American School

Templeton Secondary School

Université de Montréal

Université du Québec à Montréal

University Hill Secondary

University of British Columbia

University of Victoria 

Vancouver College

Vancouver Technical Secondary School 

Western Canada High School

White Rock Christian Academy

Windermere Secondary School

Windsor Secondary School

Winston Churchill Secondary School (Alberta)

Winston Churchill Secondary School (British Columbia)

WJ Mouat Secondary School

Members from 100+ High Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions United in spreading awareness about racism in our communities!




“CARYC has provided youth with a voice against racism. By coming together as a collective, our opinions on matters that have always concerned us are being amplified. Together, we are learning of past and present racism within our country, discussing means to address such issues, and fighting stigmas and stereotypes that are ever so prevalent. As youth are 100% of the future, we can expect great things from this organization, and I am very proud to call myself a CARYC ambassador." 



"I would define racism as discrimination or prejudice towards someone due to the immutable characteristic of race. Racism is something many of us have dealt with, knowingly or unknowingly as it can present itself in different ways. For example individual racism, systematic racism, and structural racism. While an individual's racism may be easier to recognize, systematic and structural racism can be much more subtle."



"Racism is the discrimination, unfair treatment, and hatred of a group of people based off their ethnicity, their culture, or the colour of their skin. As a Canadian citizen with Native family, (my great grandmother being a victim of residential schools, and her mother before that) I know the long-term effects of racism, and the unjust treatment of people and how it can hurt an entire bloodline of generations."


"Racism to me is where any marginalized group is targeted and discriminated against for their ethnicity or any immutable feature that is tied to their ethnicity or race. To me racism has been ingrained in my life as someone who grew up with stereotypes and being discriminated against just for my food, my culture, and my beliefs. I hope youth can become better informed so that we can all become more understanding of each other."


“CARYC has enabled me to directly address the greatly prevalent problem of racism. I’ve been able to learn so much within the CARYC community and have connected with many brilliant youth who want to create change. As many will see the growth of CARYC through chapter clubs and news articles, it will be a moment of happiness  for those raising awareness about racism all over the world!”


-Rafay M. (Outreach Specialist) 



“CARYC has made me more socially aware of the impact, time and effort that goes into anti-racism involvement and advocacy, but most importantly, it has helped me recognize underlining and often overlooked racial issues that the media has failed to cover. So, as an ambassador and member of the leadership team, I am constantly learning through the interactions I make with my peers and by engaging in various anti-racism initiatives. My perspective on why we educate has changed in the sense that I too, still have a lot to learn and by immersing myself into this coalition, I am able to overcome my ignorance on certain issues.”


-Laura E. (Podcast Scriptwriter)


“My perception of youth involvement in anti racism work changed because I didn’t see many people around my age trying to make a difference and I only saw adults talking about it but once I found out about CARYC I saw that there was in fact a lot of youth who wanted to make a difference. After dealing with racism myself, I felt helpless even when I told my friends about it. By joining CARYC, I hope that my contribution will help people.”


-Serena C. (H.R. Administrator)

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