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Students from 100+ Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions Across Canada

We strive to educate ourselves and our communities on racial topics and injustices, to build a more inclusive, accepting, and multicultural Canada.

We are a youth-led organization focused on creating change through action

Update: Currently hosting community-engagement sessions with $25,000 BC Multiculturalism Governmental Grant. If you are interested in hosting a community engagement session, please contact us.


Who We Are

We are a student-driven organization that empowers youth to actively work towards a more multicultural Canada. 


Our hashtag #OurFutureOurImpact acknowledges the profound ability youth have in shaping a more inclusive society. Acknowledging the importance of listening, learning, and educating ourselves and others, we strive to use our voices to initiate and sustain conversation and action in communities across Canada. 

Through the collaboration of a Leadership Team of 100+ diverse youth and students from 100+ schools engaging ambassador meetings, we hope to fulfill our collective obligation to actively contribute to a more inclusive society. 


Our Goal

We strive to amplify youth voice in anti-racism affairs, and we hope that Generation Z can be the catalyst for further awareness, inclusion, and positive change. Since racism is a deep-rooted issue in modern society, it can be difficult to initiate conversation. Hence, our platform allows individuals to share their stories of racism and injustice — as we stand with them. We actively work to advocate that everyone is treated with equal respect, regardless of race.

Featured on/Worked with:

Canadian Broadcasting 


Canadian Civil Liberties Association

National Campus and Community Radio Association

Global News TV 

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

BC Parliament / Special Committee to Reform the Police Act

CFUV-FM -  Victoria, BC

CHED-FM / CHAT-FM  -  Chetwynd, BC

CJSF-FM - Vancouver, BC

CHLY-FM - Nanaimo, BC

CFIS-FM - Prince George, BC

CFUR-FM - Prince Goerge, BC

CIVL-FM - Abbotsford, BC

CKXU-FM - Lethbridge, AB

CJUM-FM - Winnipeg, MB

CKMS-FM -  Waterloo, ON

CFRU-FM - Guelph, ON

CFFF-FM - Peterborough, ON

CHMR-FM - Saint John, NL

Spoken with &
supported By:

MP Alexandre Boulerice
MP Alistair MacGregor

MPP Andrea Horwath^

Hon. Anne Kang
MLA Bob D’Eith
MLA Brittny Anderson
MLA Bruce Banman
MPP Daisy Wai
Deputy Mayor Don Hamilton
MLA Doug Routley

MLA Ellis Ross
MPP Faisal Hassan
MLA Grace Lore
MLA Henry Yao

City Councillor Karen Rea
Hon. Katrina Chen
Hon. Raj Chouhan
MLA Jagrup Brar

MLA Janet Routledge

MPP Jennifer French

MLA Jeremy Nixen

MPP Jill Andrew

MP Joyce Murray

MP Lindsay Mathyssen

MPP Lisa Gretzky

MPP Lucille Collard

MLA Muhammed Yaseen

MLA Nicholas Simons

MLA Pam Alexis

MLA Rachna Singh

MLA Renee Merrifield

MLA Roly Russell

MLA Sonia Fursteneau^

MPP Terence Kernaghan

*MLA: Member of Legislative Assembly

*MPP: Member of Provincial Parliament

*MP: Member of Parliament

^Provincial Caucus Leader

... and many more! For an extensive overview of organizations we've worked with/been featured on, please contact us directly. 

C.A.R.Y.C is firmly committed to its belief in transparency and freedom of information within our organization. At any time members of the coalition or public are welcome to request any information or updates from members of the executive team or coordinator management. As a volunteer-based organization, we believe it imperative that any and all actions are free to the public. A developed quarterly ticket-system for internal review and simple requests to staff allows a simple means of communication to ensure all in C.A.R.Y.C. are up-to-date and aware.

Note: C.A.R.Y.C. is legally registered as the Anti-Racism Youth Coalition (Canada). 

Our Structure:

  • C.A.R.Y.C is constructed of 10 distinct leadership teams and a leadership team of 100+ individuals. We focus on small-scale projects (such as community outreach and chapter clubs) to large-scale projects (such as the National Slam Poem Project and Greater Community Movements (#OurFutureOurImpact, #IWillWeWill)). For more information about our projects, please visit "Our Work".

  • We host monthly ambassador meetings engaging youth from 100+ schools. In these sessions, we work on Ambassador-specific projects and broaden our perspectives on multiculturalism outreach and discussion through discussion. Ambassador Meeting Minutes are sent to ambassadors after every session. To apply to become an ambassador, please visit "Get Involved". 

  • C.A.R.Y.C. began a quarter system in 2021. This system organizes the year into four quarters and produces two documents each quarter. Both documents are available to ambassadors and coordinators. Should an individual of the public wish to view any documents, please email

    • Document 1) Leadership Team Quarter Document: entails the specific goals, timelines, and roles of each team + sent to C.A.R.Y.C. leadership team members.

    • Document 2) Ambassador Quarter Document: addresses general feedback and additional ambassador opportunities + sent to all C.A.R.Y.C. Ambassadors. 

  • Questions can be addressed to Hailey Chen at

Note: The CARYC Blog and Podcast will be released on the website in 2022.

Slam Poetry Project

Learn more about the project's backstory and the impact we hope the slam poem makes.


Get Involved

Want to get involved? Help us spread awareness by joining our organization. 

We strive to educate ourselves and our communities on racial topics and injustices, to build a more inclusive, accepting, and multicultural Canada.